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Design Your Own 

Here at Carp On Baits we hand roll with precision and care  providing only high quality boilies. 

We  use the best  nutritional and digestable ingredients that BIG wise carp just love to eat.

A lot of our customers choose something extremely similar to their favourite tackle shop bait, tweak it to their preference and most importantly pay half the price!

Here are some of our favourites below to help get those creative juices flowing.....


Be an innovator not a follower, get in touch and be creative.....
Peach & Pepper
The BlackJack

Rolled with our most successful base mix 'Original Red' which contains Robin Red, the finest fishmeal and fish proteins. Crushed oyster shell and kelp  to give it the  all important crunch.


Tasteing like the classic sweet with its aniseed twist, and then complimented with a dark brown fishmeal . The Black Jack is an instant attraction bait or a great syndicate boilie .

Spicy Crab 

Two all time big fish catching flavours, with a predigested fishmeal in a pale brown colour. One of our customer favourites to give a little tweak. Garlic and ..... 

Winter Z-ing

A classic winter concoction, light pre digested fishmeal, with all the right ingredients for big carp over the colder months. Light in colour  for the added visual effect,  Great in pop ups and wafters too. 

The Nuts

A huge favourite for syndicate anglers wanting to establish an all year round bait, as this big fish bait with its creamy nut crunch is a real classic.


Squid and Octopus 

This is a distinctive Bait with a popular MALARKEY smell and flavour, combined with lots of oils and the all important koi rearer this is a devastating bait for UK and European venues.

Coconut, Crab, Amino.... 
There are too many combinations to list, we have hand rolled boilies for numerous anglers across the UK.
Please feel free to contact us for any advice or questions.