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Design your own 


We have many  happy customers  who choose to be innovators rather than followers in there local syndicate water. 

We also supply large retailers who choose to design there own smell, taste and brand.

So get in touch and be creative.....



Boilie range


Our locally famous Peach and Pepper is just one of many in our frozen range.

All boilies have been developed with years of experience from family members and anglers who have gained their knowledge over the last 25 years.

Come and have a look.....



About Us 

We are a high quality fishing bait manufacturer based in Bedfordshire. 

We have been running a successful bait company for many years, we specialise in inventing highly effective carp bait and recipes that have become not only locally but in some cases like Peach & Pepper and The BlackJack nationally famous.

All our ingredients are sourced from well known bait companies who also share our passion in producing amazing catch rewarding bait. 

Whether you fish a tricky syndicate water, your local esate lakes or canals and rivers, we either have or will design the bait just for you.


Dips & Bits


Everything you need to complement your newly designed or chosen bait. 

We can also supply  matching flavoured pellets, pop ups  or  wafters. 

Glugs or commonly used  oils, hemp and salmon are readily available,

The perfect enhancements.....


“Great service, freshly prepared everytime, I have had great results personally and my shop customers love them too.”

"Stewart Briars, Browns Angling centre"